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The position of the Sun, Moon, and planets on the day we were born and the moment we took our first breath determines our birth chart.


Sun Sign

Rising Sign

Moon Sign

Birth chart is not fortune telling.

It is an aid for us to interpret astrology scientifically. It can only be created and interpreted by experienced and certified people.

Things that are promised

Understand what you were promised, which topics you should take deeper, your tendencies and the attitude you should have.

Please mark the best options for you. This data will match the information that comes from the birth chart.

10th House

What are your responsibilities or goals in life? Career, fame, success or promotion? Get ready to explore.

Marriage and relationships.

Birth chart is not a tool to predict who we will get married. But it can tell us about the best dates for marriage.

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Astralzen's mission is to improve your personal awareness and help you to find out your hidden abilities.

7th House

7th House tells you the things you should pay attention in your intimate relationships, business partnership, agreements, marriage, partner.

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