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What does a birth chart tell us?

Birth chart is a two-way dimension diagram that tells us all our personal traits, weaknesses, what we were promised, which topics we should take deeper, our tendencies and the attitude we should have. Birth chart is not a tool to predict who we will get married. But it can tell us about the best dates for marriage. Birth chart is not telling but it is an exact science. It will not predict who you will get married to, but it can interpret the way you will achieve happiness in your marriage.

You can find which traits you need to focus on and which weaknesses you need to work on. You can find out the following by using the birth chart.

1st House: Personality, mask, the face we put on public, personal awareness.
2nd House: Resources, income, earning and spending money.
3rd House: Communication, short journeys, primary education, close relatives, neighbors.
4th House: Home, house, the place we were born, parents.
5th House: Creativity, art, love, entertainment, kids.
6th House: Business, work, service, health, personal development, daily life.
7th House: Intimate relationships, business partnership, agreements, marriage, partner.
8th House: Death and rebirth, rejuvenation, transformation, mysteries, inheritance, prosperity.
9th House: Travel, oversea travels, distant countries, philosophy, religion, higher education.
10th House: Career, fame, success, advancement, our responsibilities to the world or goals.
11th House: Friends, circles, team working, organizations.
12th house: Subconscious, collective awareness, spiritual exercises, dreams, prisons, hospitals.

Keep in mind! The analysis of a birth chart can be created and interpreted only by experts!

How do we create a birth chart?

You need to answer a few questions like your place of birth, your birth hour.

Astralzen interprets your birth chart!

Answer a few questions and then create your birth chart. You can download your birth chart to your computer for free. If you wish, you can take your chart to any qualified astrologer.

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